GX1000 started as a video web series started by Mike Hubert and filmer Ryan Garshell on Slap Magazine that featured raw city street skateboarding, carfeully edited to hip-hop, all filmed by the praised Sony VX1000 video camera. It is now featured on Tharsher Magazine's Website every month. I worked with them to develope an aesthetic and consistent design scheme.

One good way to advertise in skateboarding is stickers. With GX1000 we wanted to make smart stickers. The first stickers we made, I designed to be a full sheet of 12 stickers that you would get to cut yourself. Giving the option of 1 big sticker or 12 little ones.

The next thing we needed was a sticker that could be seen from far away, as well as in videos. Since the sticker is most likely going to be placed at the bottom of a skateboard, it should have high contrast and be big and bold. So I designed the sticker to fit across the width of most skateboards, as well as keeping it simple with the black on white.

The fisheye sticker is the exact radius dimension as a Century Optics MK1 fisheye lens, which is the lens Ryan uses in the videos. Logo less, except for the backing, designed to give GX1000 another way to be recognized.

The GX1000 DVD contains the first 10 episodes of the series plus a bonus Map Maquerade feature. The design of the paperback case was simple and straight to the point. A small touch of the broadcast test color bars on the inside, as well as the fisheye lens CD art. To add on to the aesthetic, for the hardcore fans, we had Brian Downey of Falcon Bowse, to make 100 lens cases by hand, to accompany the DVD.

Due to popular demand of 5 Panel Hats, we decided to make some hats GX style. We kept it simple with black on black everything with a gray logo to pop. But to stand out from the sea of 5 panel hats saturating the market, we needed to figure out something that can make the hat more desirable, so we decided to add a little something-something. A removable, chrome lapel pin. With the lapel pin you can keep it anywhere on your cap, or pin it on whatever you like! Only 100 of these 5 hats exist so get em' while you still can.

The website for GX1000 was designed to be very simple to use and navigate while being informative. I designed it to be a one pager website, meaning it is just one long scroll. It features the latest GX1000 episode, A brief explanation about GX1000, a look at the crew, information on the beloved Sony VX1000 camera, a glimse of the many products in the store, and a video gallery of the first 12 episodes.